The second season of the World of Tanks Console has begun, bringing with it new content.

Recently, Wargaming celebrated the 10th anniversary of World of Tanks with gamescom, and soon after, World of Tanks Blitz conquered another platform, and finally a new battle pass arrived, as well as the return of WoT’s own battle royale game mode, Steel. Hunter. However, this is not the end of the content update, now it is time for the console World of Tanks.

According to Wargaming, the second season of the World of Tanks Console has started, the biggest novelty of which is clearly the Hot Wheels collaboration. From September 22nd to December 7th, Season Pass shoppers and even those without season tickets can get exciting rewards and unlockable content. The latter can taste the control of special tanks such as the Hot Wheels Tiger Shark Crews, T-34-85m and Tiger Shark Spähpanzer, as well as gain extra gold, silver, crates, premium time and similar stuff.

And Season Pass owners can throw their gaming experience with tanks like Trailblazer Spahpanzer, Rodger Dodger E 75 TS, and Tiger Shark Spähpanzer, but they can also pocket an additional amazing lottery by completing each level. Anyone who wants even more can pay for the Hot Wheels Ultimate Pass, which offers, among other things, the dramatic Bone Shaker TS-5 tank and crew along with a host of other goodies.

European and American players can also take part in Season 2’s special initiative, in which we can even win the grand prize of $ 10,000 (approximately $ 3.1 million), depending on our performance in the game. Here are the details:

  • Developer: Wargaming
  • Publisher:
  • Platform: PC
  • Style: Action, MMO, Role Playing

World of Tanks is not only the first regular tank action game in the history of video games, but also a taste-and-blood MMO spiced with role-playing elements.