PlayStation and Sucker Punch have been clear about the new content coming to Ghost of Tsushima this fall. Cooperative multiplayer will not have micropayments of any kind.

As many of you already know, yesterday a multiplayer mode was announced, completely by surprise, that will arrive in Ghost of Tsushima in a few weeks. Against all odds, Sucker Punch will introduce the cooperative within the island of Tsushima.

This has raised the interest of the public, since it was a move that not many expected. In addition, nature in this way is the least interesting, since it moves away from the historical theme of the samurai and introduces its players to the realm of Japanese folklore and myths.

There will be two game modes that will lead us to control four classes of warriors. Because of this, it is to be expected that personalization items and cosmetics that allow us to have a better sense of progress and differentiate ourselves from other players. Ghost of Tsushima itself as a base game, already has dozens of items in this category.

This has immediately triggered suspicions of a possible list of micropayments, since online modes are always a good source of profit for many companies. However, the creators of inFamous have been blunt in this regard.

A PlayStation representative confirmed to IGN on behalf of Sucker Punch that all Ghost of Tsushima Legends content will be unlocked through normal play, and that “there are absolutely no plans “to add microtransactions.

Now it only remains to know the more specific details of Legends. What has been known is that PS Plus will be required to play this mode. East mode will be free and is not a paid DLC. Will you play this new game mode? The most mystical theme will take us down paths that we have seen in games like Nioh or Sekiro Shadow Die Twice.