The cyberpunk adventure Encodya is now available – classic point and click

  • Encodya is available now on Steam and GOG
  • The game costs 24.99 euros
  • There is a launch discount of 20 percent

Would you like a little dystopian future? Then take a look at the cyberpunk adventure Encodya from Chaosmonger Studio and Assemble Entertainment, available now.

The price of the adventure is 24.99 euros and you can get it on Steam and GOG, plus there’s a launch discount of 20 percent.

If you want to do something good, you can get the “Save the World Edition”, which is also available, in which ten percent of the proceeds are donated to the children’s aid organization “Plan International” and thus benefit orphans.

Which in turn fits the game, because it is about the nine-year-old orphan Tina, who is fighting for survival with her clumsy robot guard SAM-53 in Neo Berlin in 2062.

The developers cite “the kindness and creativity of Studio Ghibli, the setting and atmosphere of Blade Runner and the humor and play style of Monkey Island” as inspirations for the game, which doesn’t sound like a bad combination.

“Large corporations control society,” says the story. “Mankind is addicted to technology and spends its lifetime in cyberspace. For a better future, orphan Tina and her robot SAM-53 are trying to help people and free Neo Berlin from tyranny.”

You can expect a cyberpunk world that was realized in 2.5D, you also have the two playable characters with whom you travel to over 100 locations and deal with over 34 important non-player characters.

Special and randomly generated puzzles should provide a special challenge. The trailer above gives you an impression of the mood.

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