The Dark Pictures: Horror Anthology by the Until Dawn makers announced

Someone should claim again that there is nothing more to add to the episodic narrative format: The Dark Pictures is a horror anthology by the Until Dawn makers of Supermassive Games consisting of several independent games, announced by Namco Bandai at Gamescom.

The publisher describes the anthology as a “series of stand-alone horror games,” with each game “presenting a new story in a new setting with new characters.”

It starts with Man of Medan, an episode in which a group of four young, handsome Americans search for a WWII shipwreck on the high seas. The good news: you will find what you are looking for. However, they apparently have some rather unpleasant experiences there, as the announcement trailer at the end of the news shows.

The parallels to Until Dawn, which is sometimes entertaining for the wrong reasons, are unmistakable. Also in The Dark Pictures you alternately control the different protagonists and have to make relevant decisions for the further course of the plot. Yup, even those about life and death.

“The Dark Pictures, the first example of a horror anthology in the video game industry, positions gaming closer to the style that players know from their favorite TV series … with a new, stand-alone experience, on a regular basis,” explains Bandai Namco’s Hervé Hoerdt. “It’s a bold new model that we believe game fans and horror fans will love.”

Man of Medan, the first episode, will be released in 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One. The game will only appear in digital form on the PC.