The demo of the remake of the classic MediEvil is available again on PlayStation Store

Sony Interactive Entertainment announces that the demo of MediEvil, the PlayStation 4 remake of the eponymous video game released for the first PlayStation in 1998, is once again available for free through the PlayStation Store. All players can now get the full game at the usual points of sale at a suggested price of € 29.99 and, only through the PlayStation Store with a reduced price of € 19.99 until January 7. This new PlayStation 4 exclusive video game revives the original adventure with a completely revamped remake, combining classic mechanics with spectacular 4K graphics.

The protagonist of the story is Sir Daniel Fortesque, a clumsy and very dead knight who has been accidentally resurrected by his enemy, the evil wizard Zarok. In this unexpected second chance, players must help Sir Dan to try again to save the kingdom of Gallowmere. On the way to achieving this goal, all players will be able to help Sir Dan with a variety of weapons and his classic combat mechanics, they will be able to enjoy the fun retro look of the title and they will have to overcome a great variety of enemies and puzzles.

In addition, last Friday the official PlayStation Blog published an exclusive interview with Nick Bruty, art director of the title at Other Ocean, an American development studio in charge of the development of MediEvil. In this interview, Nick Burty unravels some secrets in the development of the title and, more specifically, in the creation of the new aesthetic of Sir Dan, something “essential” for the studio: “Sir Daniel’s appearance is so essential to the game that if we hadn’t gotten it perfect, the game wouldn’t look like MediEvil. The original PS1 model had such low resolution that we knew we’d have to add a lot more detail and shape to it. Create a completely new Dan, but with identical character to the original”.

: Press release