They didn’t really have a choice after Epic Games accidentally shot the joke prematurely.

I had to wait a lot for it, but STALKER 2 is already being made, and it is a special pleasure that GSC Game World, which is also developing earlier parts of the series, is working on it. On the other hand, we’re less happy that the guys are very stingy about the information to continue, even though they’ve now shared a more important little thing with us.

The studio posted the announcement below on the game’s official Twitter page, revealing that Unreal Engine 4 will rumble during the game. They judged that this engine best suited their needs and could help them create the perfect atmosphere for the series. It was also an important aspect to make the game easier to modify, for which the engine is also a good choice.

STALKER 2 is powered by Unreal Engine:

– STALKER OFFICIAL (@stalker_thegame) January 2, 2020

Originally, GSC Game World didn’t want to share this info with fans yet, but Epic Games recently released a list of upcoming games that use Unreal Engine 4, including STALKER 2, so they accidentally unveiled it. the surprise. And once that was the case, developers were forced to make the official announcement. Of course, we don’t mind this in the slightest.

Are you waiting for STALKER 2?

  • Developer: GSC Game World
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Platform: PC
  • Style: FPS
  • Appearance: 11/30/2011

Chernobyl and its surroundings continue to host a continuation of the game inspired by the Fallout and Half-Life series, the idea of ​​which has already emerged in our neighbors during Clear Sky.

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