The Beta released from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint has given players a taste of what to expect from Ubisoft’s new third-person shooter. The game, which has several new features, brought a loot system that, while not making it a loot shooter, stirred up the community, making them question: what is the difference between The Division and Ghost Recon?

To begin with, the strategies and mechanics are completely different – in addition to the tenor and pace of the story not at all similar. While The Division is a franchise of loot shooters along the lines of games like Destiny and Borderlands, Ghost Recon is a shooter focused on strategy, cooperation with survival tools and a huge map.

On the other hand, there are similarities in the gameplay of the two Ubisoft franchises. The search for “covers”, classes, skill trees and, now, loot are common characteristics of the two genres, which can leave everything a little confusing.

Loot shooters keep the game fresh and rewarding

There is no denying that loot shooters are on the rise and that, when well structured, are very rewarding, maintaining an active community, playing, watching and talking about the game. It is normal, in periods of high popularity of a genre, that other games include some of its features, seeking more familiar and attractive mechanics for the player.

(Source: Ubisoft / Disclosure)

A similar case is the new Gears 5. Anyone who follows the news or has already checked the game’s early access knows that it includes fundamental RPG mechanics for progression, as well as characters with different “skills” in the horde mode. This change, at first, seems positive and gives new air to the franchise.

“One shot, one kill”

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint differs mainly in the ability to kill an enemy with one shot to the head. Although it seems like a minimal difference, it defines your gender. While in The Division we encounter highly resistant enemies, practically “bullet sponges”, and dedicate a few hours to gain experience and raise the character’s level, in Ghost Recon this is only limited to the damage and the player’s personal ability to give shots.

(Source: Ubisoft / Disclosure)

In conclusion, we cannot deny that games have similarities. However, although they share similar mechanics, their encouragement for cooperation, their strategy, their pace and even level design differ and make them quite different games.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be available on October 4 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.