The Division: finally in action – try it out

Los Angeles – E3 2015 has given us several satisfactions, including the possibility to test first-hand the still mysterious multiplayer of The Division. The session we faced saw us leave for the Dark Zone with a team of three people.

The Dark Zone is an extremely dangerous area that could put anyone with their backs to the wall in minutes. In essence, this is a part of New York quickly abandoned by humans, due to the excessive intensity of the radiation inside.

For this reason, exploring the area you can find a large number of weapons, some of which are so powerful that they guarantee incredible advantages to anyone lucky enough to get their hands on them. Before starting the game we did a test of the controls, while we were in the muffled security of Time Square. In this way we became familiar with the various weapons and gadgets available to the group, as well as with the basics of the movement.

The Dark Zone hides great dangers but also extraordinary rewards.

Depending on the character used, one could count on a homing grenade, a sticky bomb, a mobile turret, and a whole range of devilry that players will be more than happy to experience when the game hits stores.

Once in the Dark Zone we took out a series of CPU-controlled enemy targets, trying to recover the legendary item marked on the map. From this point of view it almost felt like we were grappling with Destiny and its exotic weapons, which is quite interesting.

Exactly as happens in the title of Bungie with its encrypted engrams, in fact, in The Division once the legendary loot has been collected it is not possible to equip it immediately, because it is contaminated by radiation. To use it, you must first successfully extract from the Dark Zone.

And it is precisely at the moment of extraction that things get complicated. Once you reach the indicated point and eliminate the mobs controlled by the CPU, it becomes extremely likely to run into one or more teams controlled by human players, who can choose whether to collaborate and avoid clashes or whether to engage in a no-quarter battle in which to annihilate rival forces.

To be successfully extracted, once the procedure has started, you must eliminate the threats and resist until the helicopter arrives, but it is not at all easy! The Division, in fact, is a particular TPS, in which the careful management of coverages is of vital importance.

It takes very little to be knocked down, and cooperation and communication between members of the same team are the key to victory. Of course, it is possible to heal fallen teammates, as long as they are on the ground in agony and have not yet received the coup de grace. Just like in Gears Of War.

When the entire team is shot down, the draw stops, and the team respawns near the hotspot, where they must return for a new attempt. Of course, he will still find human players nearby, and the whole operation will start from scratch.

The Division’s control system convinced us, since it allows you to easily manage the movements from one roof to another, and even climbing on the elements of the settings.

Pressing the A button next to any surface will crouch down to take cover from enemy fire. By holding A and aiming for another cover, you automatically run to reach it. Button B, on the other hand, controls the climbs, and pressing it climbs up any object of the right size: crates, cars, traffic dividers, railings. Everything can be easily bypassed, by simply pressing a command.

While playing with a team of strangers, we had a lot of fun in this multiplayer session.

Honestly, though, the test we did was quite chaotic and confusing. First of all, we played alongside a developer and a complete stranger, which is pretty important in a game that requires great teamwork.

Secondly, we weren’t familiar with the weapons and items at our disposal. What matters, however, is that we had a lot of fun, and that Ubisoft is trying to create a different experience than usual.

If everything goes as planned, we could find ourselves a pleasant surprise, a breath of fresh air in the genre of third-person shooters. At this point we just have to wait patiently for the end of the game development, also to evaluate the technical sector and other gameplay elements.

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