It certainly cannot be said that The Elder Scrolls Online started with a bang: in its time it received numerous criticisms, mostly due to the numerous bugs and for fans of the series who accused the developers of having distorted the saga by transforming it into an MMO.

However, Bethesda must be acknowledged for having been able to hold on and for being able to renew itself by attracting good users again, certainly also thanks to the transition from the mandatory monthly fee to the optional one with the buy to play formula, which took place approximately a couple of days. years ago, that is, just before the release of the versions for PS4 and Xbox One.

In these two years Bethesda and ZeniMax have therefore been busy, many updates have further improved the game and for next June the release of a new expansion has been planned that will (re) lead us to Morrowind. These days the beta of this expansion is being held and we obviously went to browse.

Naryu Virian, acquaintance known to lovers of the saga, will make an appearance in time of need

Let’s clarify immediately, the Vvardenfell we will visit will not be the one in which we spent hundreds of hours in The Elder Scrolls III: the events covered by the expansion in question occurred 700 years ago, so we should not expect to find it as we left it, but very different. Although the island has been completely recreated in The Elder Scrolls Online, many of the historic places visited in the past will not exist yet or will only be in their infancy. The city of Vivec is the striking example of this statement, as we will still find it packed with construction sites working at full capacity to finish construction, and even if we can visit Balmora, Sadrith Mora and many other characteristic places that will bring us back to memory. the good old days, we shouldn’t forget that all those moments are yet to come.

Apart from that we could not help but, for the record, to explore the new content with the Warden, a new class that will see the light together with the expansion. The Warden in some ways reminded us of the classic druid of many other RPGs, able to exploit the magic of nature, use an animal companion and call others to attack enemies. He is also able to freeze opponents or exploit ice to protect himself and allies from attacks.

In our opinion it is a very versatile class, which will allow us to cover all three classic roles of MMOs, namely the “trinity” as fans of the genre like to call it. Thanks to Green Balance we will be able to cast healing spells on us or area, able to help those who fight alongside us. With Winter Embrace we will be able to withstand large amounts of damage as well as decisively counterattack the opponent with ice flakes.

Construction sites work tirelessly to finish the town of Vivec.

By taking advantage of the abilities of the Animal Companions branch, in addition to being able to permanently summon a grizzly bear that will fight alongside us, we will be able to temporarily recall other animals and hurl them at opponents. As long-time players know, in TESO it is not absolutely necessary to choose a single branch of skill but we can freely combine the various branches to obtain devastating marriages and obviously the Warden will not be exempt from this mechanic.

We will leave out here, as it is only a beta version, the various complaints that in recent days have taken hold on the game’s forums and which have the new class as their theme, in the hope that in the time that separates us from the release, adjusted a little the shot or the risk of seeing only this new class wandering around Cyrodiil will be very high.

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind will have a campaign totally unrelated to the one already present, which will allow starting from this new content even to those approaching the game for the first time or to those who want to create a new character for the occasion. The beginning of the story will remind those who obviously played it at the time, that of the original Morrowind: the ship on which we are traveling is attacked and shortly after we find ourselves prisoners of the slavers, from whom we have the opportunity to escape only thanks to the help from Naryu Virian, a Dunmer well known to fans of the saga, who first frees us and then asks us to help her, involving us in her plan.

You say they’ll let us ride that Silt Strider.

From here on we will be free to explore the length and breadth of the island of Vvardenfell without any limit, taking into consideration that contrary to what happens in the vast majority of MMOs, in TESO the level of the enemies will automatically adjust according to our or possibly to that of our group. This will also allow those who have already reached the maximum level with their character to still enjoy the new content, maintaining a good level of challenge without necessarily having to create a new character.

Challenge that we will also find in the new Battlegrounds, an alternative to the already present RvR (Realm against Realm) which will obviously involve the three factions in small-scale battles which obviously will be less chaotic, tactically more manageable and compelling than the “trains” that instead characterize the classic RvR. The Battlegrounds will allow us to participate in battles between twelve players divided into three teams in the classic modes of Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Domination, with a rotation of only three maps at the moment.

The presence of three teams will make things very interesting: we will be able to apply more complex strategies and take advantage of the temporary numerical superiority by helping one team to eliminate the other and then hit the survivors from behind in a flurry of endless betrayals aimed at achieving victory.

The Warden will be able to summon animal companions to harm enemies and protect themselves with ice spells.

What we have seen during the hours spent in beta has left us quite satisfied and although the time between the launch of the expansion is not that long, some things could still change, for the better as well as for the worse. For our part, we hope that the developers wisely use the time available to correct the various problems that plague the title and undermine its overall quality.

The Warden is very fun and rewarding, and during our test it gave us a lot of satisfaction but at the moment it turns out to be too unbalanced compared to the other classes and should be better balanced. Having said that, we are going back a little longer to enjoy Vvardenfell and its lands, looking forward to next June with some trepidation.

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