The Empire of Sin did not start well, they are already working on repairs

The Empire of Sin could not carry out its immeasurable potential and collapsed under the weight of so many mistakes and ill-considered decisions. But let’s not bury it yet!

Empire of Sin has promised to be a very exciting game since its announcement, but based on tests and player experiences, it has apparently failed to live up to expectations (currently 4.2 user ratings further worsen the already brilliant 66 metascore score ).

The game is poisoned by a myriad of bugs and faulty game systems, and these make it virtually impossible to enjoy a tactical noir experience. The good news is that developers won’t leave it at that.

Brenda Romero, who is in charge of leading the development, has released a announcement that updates are coming and there is a strong emphasis on figuring out bugs in the game.

According to the announcement, we can also expect new content, but probably the production of these has been pushed into the background a bit now, as there is plenty to file on the whole picture.

A quick update on Empire of Sin …

– Brenda Romero (@br) December 2, 2020

We haven’t got release dates or a schedule yet, but it’s good to know they won’t let go of the vast potential of the Empire of Sin.