The Epic Games Store has undergone a small but important development

It is now much easier for you to buy gifts for your friends.

Wish lists have been available for a long time in most digital stores, Steam, GOG, Origin, but even the Windows Store have this feature. The Epic Games Store has been (also) a cucumber egg so far in this regard, but from now on the situation is different.

Epic Games’ digital marketplace has also been given the wishlist option – this option practically means that we can upload coveted titles to a list, so that our goal is to get someone else to buy those games for us. So buddies can be kind to each other in this way if we might have no idea how to surprise their buddies.

For each game, you need to click the small heart next to “BUY NOW” to upload an title to your wish lists. Epic Games wants to expand this feature in the future, such as filtering options and email notifications, but these aren’t yet on the wishlist. Good work takes time, as they say.