The fight against spam is under way in Among Us


  • the massive spam attack affected nearly 5 million gamers in Among Us;
  • Behind the attack is a hacker named Eris Loris, who does not mind the fact that he likes to play a game with friends himself.

Among Us has become a very popular game. Although it is responsible for a small studio, the number of active players could embarrass many AAA class titles. In addition to the players, there is also interest among artists and, unfortunately, hackers. A powerful spam attack in the game lobby has been going on for several days and forced InnerSloth to quickly develop security patches.

Strange content started to appear during the online games. Players noticed entries in the lobby chat that were not their own creation. Although they themselves looked as if the people present in the match entered them. These messages varied to some extent, but contained some elements that were always present. The name “Eris Loris” was repeated, a link to a Discord server or YouTube account, and a slogan promoting the current US President, Donald Trump. Sometimes they also included the threat of damaging the user’s device if the user fails to follow the instructions contained in the spam.

Quite quickly it turned out that the attack was caused by a hacker with the nickname “Eris Loris” (or is it just me that is a reference to the famous “stuffer” of page templates – “lorem ipsum”?). For this purpose, it uses automatic bots which, by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities in the game, place spam in it. Eris is actually the owner of the Discord server and YouTube account linked in the junk messages. You can read his comments and replies on Discord. According to him, 1.5 million games have been attacked Among Usand spamming activities affected 4.9 million players. He also claims that several people who have made their servers available to “power up” the venture are helping him in the attack.

This is what spam looks like in the game lobby

The game developers have posted a message on Twitter confirming that they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. Of course, the spammer did not fail to comment on it in a not very picky wayas you can see in the picture below. The person of the US president appears in the unsolicited messages, but this does not mean that the spammer is a supporter of the spam, he just found it funny (now Putin also appears in the content). Eris is a hypocrite, admitted to playing Among Us himself with friends. However, this does not prevent him from spoiling the game for other players, I feel no remorse about it.

Hacker reaction to InnerSloth’s message

The rather controversial mentality of the person behind the attack, as well as the very fact of persistently making life difficult for the players, sparked a strong reaction from the community. People started to mass click their paws down under Eris’s recordings, and also reported his content to the site administration. What is quite worrying – comments posted on YouTube show that some people may be in possession of real data of the hacker and his address.

InnerSlotch studio updated the servers, which was supposed to increase the level of security and eliminate spam. The creators also insist in the messages to only play among friends for the time being. Eris says he has already dealt with the patch. As you can see in the screenshots posted by users, spam continues to appear. Interestingly, now also from users without a visible name.

Although a specific person is to blame for the whole situation, it is impossible not to pay attention to the insufficient security of the game itself. Unwanted messages include it’s not the only problem with exploiting code weaknesses. Players also report other vulnerabilities. There are known cases of killing impostors, using wallhacks, spawning players outside the starting room or teleporting by hackers, which can result in a ban on the server. Perhaps the developers did not expect such great popularity among Us, hence some of its mechanisms were not adapted to it. However, as one of the creators writes, InnerSloth studio is close to introducing effective solutions that will improve security in the game.

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