The Flight Simulator has the most successful start in Xbox Game Pass for PC

  • A million players have played the Flight Simulator
  • The most successful launch in Xbox Game Pass for PC
  • Completed over 26 million flights

Microsoft celebrates the successful launch of the flight simulator.

So far, over a million players have played the title, as the company announced.

At the same time, Flight Simulator had the most successful launch of a game in Xbox Game Pass for PC to date.

So far, more than 26 million flights with over a billion air miles have been completed – that’s 40,000 flights around the world.

“The start marks the beginning of a journey for us and this is only the beginning,” they say. “There’s a lot more on our route, including world updates, sim updates, and future themed DLC.”

A new patch for Flight Simulator was recently released, which eliminates installation problems. Meanwhile, the Flight Simulator could generate PC hardware sales of $ 2.5 billion, and here you can read what’s behind the mysterious 200-story building in Melbourne.

Stop by here to find out how you can start with two clicks from anywhere in the world and how you can use the active break to take the perfect photos.

If you want to have the game as a commercial version, you’ll find it on Amazon.