The four best Instagram clients for Windows Phone

Last week we had the arrival of an application that we had been asking for for quite some time: Instagram. However, before this application we had others from independent developers who had nothing to envy the original.

As a summary, we will comment on the 4 best clients to use Instagram on Windows Phone:

Instagram BETA

The official application of the social network is obviously going to be on this list, and not because we have asked for it for quite some time, but because it is the same is quite competent and works well.

Instagram (which is in beta for now) allows you to see the latest photos of us, the people we follow and the most popular, search for hashtags, see notifications and our profile. Likewise, we can upload images that we have saved from before or take new ones with the camera, which can then be applied effects and filters.

Something in which the application stands out is in the ease of design and interface. Charging times are very short, and everything is so fluid that it is a pleasure to use it.

Instagram, although it is in beta, is a well-built application that can be used without problems. We will see how they continue to improve it in the future.

Instagram BETA


This is possibly the best bet to use Instagram on Windows Phone, since in addition to being very complete, it works and is designed very well. Rudy Huyn seems to have a knack for making applications.

6tag will allow us to do everything that the official Instagram application allows us to do, but adds some extra tools that make it stand out– Record videos, create collages, view photos near you from a map, and support for multiple accounts.

Also, the application works smoothly and is easy to understand. The end result is an excellent application that can compete with the official one.

6tag is maintained for advertising, but they can be removed by paying $ 0.99, which for me, is a good price. Personally, and for now, this application is my favorite to use Instagram, but we must wait to see how it differs from the official application when it integrates more features and is more complete.


At this point, I think it is a bit difficult to decide for some other application. However, it’s also worth naming because it’s not bad either.

Pictastic It will allow us to use the social network Instagram without major problems, as it offers the user the appropriate tools for this. On the main screen we can see the latest photos uploaded by our friends and people we follow, on the right we will have the most popular and the search box, then the latest notifications and the application options.

We can take photographs and apply filters to them, and as an extra, you have the possibility of making collages with images (with 9 different collages designs).

Pictastic is a free application, but it is maintained by advertising. Although he does not have too many things to highlight compared to the two above, in his defense, also available for Windows Phone 7.5.



InPic is another good option that stands out for the design of the application, which although it is more or less the same as the others, has some slight changes like the sample of the photographs that make the difference especially in use.

The design is very pleasing to the eye, but falls a bit when taking pictures, being a bit loose of tools compared to the other options. Basically, we take the photographs, apply the corresponding effect and send it to social networks; it does not have to assemble collages or modify the brightness or contrast. It also does not have the ability to upload videos.

Even so, it is a good option to take into account if you only use Instagram to upload photos, since when it comes to viewing other people’s photos, InPic stands out for its interface.

InPic is completely free, and does not have advertising or anything similar, which is another plus point.

Which application do you like the most?