The full comic book The Walking Dead will also be available in color

Robert Kirkman’s popular zombie adventure returns in renewed form.

It started in 2003 and ended last year, 2019, with The Story of The Walking Dead, which started out as a relatively simple post-apocalyptic adventure, but over the years it became a fairly large franchise. And soon, the comics will be enjoyed by those who have been held back by the black-and-white depiction so far.

Image Comics has decided to re-launch the 193 booklets in the series, but this time in a full color version. The Walking Dead Deluxe will be special not only because of the colorful pages, but also because each track will include a section called The Cutting Room Floor where we can read commentary and other curiosities from adventure writer Robert Kirkman.

By the way, Dave McCaig is responsible for the coloring, and in addition to the above goodies, other types of covers will be made for the booklets. The first episode will debut on October 7, followed by two more acts per month. If you’re curious about what The Walking Dead Deluxe will look like, be sure to check out the gallery below!

Are you happy with the colorful The Walking Dead?