A mode to offer players many tools and optimize their devices

The lucky owners of the last two smartphones designed by the search engine benefit from a dedicated menu called “Game Dashboard”, even if few users seem to know about this possibility.

The activation of the menu is indeed not the easiest. To do this, you must go through the phone settings, go to the section dedicated to Do Not Disturb mode, then enter Programming and finally check the box to obtain this option. We have known more practice…

Then, once in game, a small button will appear on the screen to access a menu offering you four buttons. These shortcuts allow you to take a screenshot, start recording the current game, get the frame rate and finally activate Do Not Disturb mode with one click to cut yourself off from the world. during a particularly complicated passage.

Game Dashboard also lets you optimize the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to maximize performance, use game default settings, or prioritize your smartphone’s battery life.

The Game Dashbord will arrive on a few hand-picked devices with Android 13

This mode was therefore reserved only for Pixel smartphones, but Google will probably offer it to other devices through an update to Google Play Services, accompanying the release of Android 13 in its final version.

The publisher has not specified for the moment the different phones concerned, being content to speak of a “selection of devices”, but we already know that the Google Pixel 6a, which has just been released a few days, will benefit quickly.

Deploying Game Dashboard on other smartphones seems to be a more complex operation than expected, and Google must adapt many APIs through its mobile operating system to transfer the functionality to Play Services, hence the only compatibility with Android 13.

Android 13: Google slips information about its release date

Still available in beta, Android 13 is gradually correcting its latest bugs. Google is getting closer to the stable version and the successor to Android 12 should not take long to show up. On its site, the Californian firm published the “Android security release notes” and suggests that the next major version of the mobile operating system will be launched in September. “These Android security release notes contain details about security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices that are addressed as part of Android 13. Android 13 devices with a security patch level of 2022-09-01 or later are protected against these issues (Android 13, as released on AOSP, will have a default security patch level of 2022-09-01),” Google says.

As expected, the finalized version of Android 13 should land for the start of the school year. However, this message does not necessarily indicate when the deployment will begin on Pixels. Last year, Android 12 was first released on AOSP (early October) before landing on Pixels two weeks later.

Android 13: Google suggests a release in September

With Android 13, Google started its beta program earlier than usual. Presented as a major update, this version should not however not make big changes for users. A godsend for Google, which was able to deploy the various betas without taking .

In mid-July, a final beta – the fourth – was released and should take us to the final version. Some rumors have also mentioned a possible launch in August.

While waiting for the official announcement, the latest addition to the Pixel range is entitled to the Android 13 beta. Just available, the Google Pixel 6a has just joined other recent Google smartphones. Despite the advances of the American firm; this is not a final release and some bugs may still exist. These are the future Pixel 7 and 7 Pro that will accompany the debut of Android 13. Already formalized, these smartphones are due out in the fall.

Android 13 launch schedule apparently announced by Google

Google recently introduced Android 13 Beta 4, which was the last beta update with a release candidate before the stable version of Android 13 was released. not known so far. Google recently released the August 2022 security bulletin, which previews the Android 13 release date.

The August security bulletin talks about Android 13 vulnerabilities and how a security patch level 2022-09-01 or later will fix these issues on devices running Android 13. This suggests that the security patch as well as Android 13 will arrive for users in September.

Android 12, on the other hand, was released in October. Android 11 and Android 10 were released in September, while Android 9 arrived in August. All of this indicates that Google’s Android release cycle is unorganized, but we might see an earlier than expected release of Android 13. You should also note that the Android 13 beta update has been released one month before the I/O 2022 event, which is earlier than the usual release schedule.

Android 13: Towards a premature release of Google’s new mobile OS?

Xiaomi has already carried out the first beta tests of MIUI 13.1

The Chinese smartphone maker has already released a mini-update in China, which allows users to access a beta version of the new MIUI 13.1 with their Xiaomi 12.

Even though betas and indications show a trend that we might get Android 13 as soon as next month, the question of why Google would change its strategy in this area still remains. Because a release of the Google Pixel 7 in September is excluded. The manufacturer would therefore launch a new version of its OS without its new flagship. So it remains to be seen whether Google will really change its plans.

Android 13 may arrive later than expected

This year, everything suggested that Google could release Android 13, the next version of its operating system, earlier than usual. Why ?

All this has led many observers to believe that the final version of Android 13 could arrive as soon as this August. But today, that seems less and less likely.

Bad news for those who were hoping for Android 13 to be released in August

Google just released a security bulletin for Android. And in this document, the firm mentions security vulnerabilities, and the way in the patch “2022-09-01” (September 1, 2022) will protect devices running Android 13 from these vulnerabilities.

In addition to the language used by Google, which suggests an Android 13 release at least in September, there is also the fact that the firm has just released beta 4 of Android 13 for its latest smartphone, the Pixel 6a. However, if the release of the final version of Android 13 was imminent, Google would have had no interest in launching this beta 4 for the Pixel 6a.

Of course, since there has not yet been an explicit announcement from Google, no possibility can be ruled out. Nevertheless, in a recent article.

And for this media, specializing in news on Samsung products, the Korean giant may have had to revise its plans because of a development level of Android 13, on which One UI 5.0 will be based.

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