The glasses closer: Apple wants to buy a company that makes augmented reality screens

Apple usually looks for suppliers for the development of its devices, many of them established in China, however, for the development of its augmented reality glasses, those of the bitten apple seem to have a more ambitious plan. According to new rumors, Apple may be interested in buy a company that makes augmented reality screens.

According to the information published in Macrumors, Apple could acquire the British company dedicated to the manufacture of Micro-LED screens Plessey Semiconductors, for augmented reality glasses that could be launched in 2022.

Apple wants to buy a company that makes augmented reality screens

As the sources of the document assure, Apple’s intention would be forced by a Plessey Semiconductors’ previous contract with Facebook, due to which this would be the supplier of augmented reality screens for glasses capable of superimposing virtual objects in the real world, which would be developed by Mark Zuckerberg’s company with the following specifications:

… A goggle form factor that allows devices to melt away so that we can be more present with our friends, families and surroundings

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If materialized, this purchase of would be another goal along the way that for years it is presumed that Apple has been preparing for the launch of its augmented reality glasses and that finally complete the ecosystem that has been composed with the development of services and devices such the ARKit and RealityKit, creative tools like Reality Composer and Reality Converter, and the new LiDAR scanner on the new iPad Pro and probably some iPhone 12 models.

With so many developments completed and much more in plans, will Apple be able to surprise us with the first successful augmented reality glasses on the market?