The Google Assistant adds more voice actions to use our favorite applications

Google improves usability and integration of your Assistant with third-party applications launching the new advanced voice commands.

With this improvement, the Google Assistant He wants us to be able to perform the most common actions of the most popular applications with our voice, but his deployment of this novelty seems to be slow.

New voice actions

Now with the active word “Ok Google” we will can perform actions and search within Android applications with “Ok Google”. For example, we could say “Ok Google, find comfy blankets on Etsy” or “Ok Google, open Selena Gomez on Snapchat.”

Google reports that as of today, and in English, more than 30 most popular apps Google Play integrates their own “Ok Google” voice commands. For example, applications like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Duolingo, and most Google apps are supported.

The Google Assistant will allow us customize voice commands through the shortcuts that the company began to recover a few days ago. There the application tells us which installed applications are compatible and will allow us to edit the phrases of the actions

The problem with all this is that it is not known when they will reach Spanish these voice commands for third-party applications. In the settings of the Google Assistant we can find in the tab Services the section Shortcuts, but there is no compatible application at the moment. We will have to wait for them to reach our language.