The Guinness record for Platinum trophies on PlayStation is 1700

The trophies and the achievements they are one of the biggest incentives for players to want to keep playing and progressing in a video game. If we talk about PlayStation, many users have like goal to reach the Platinum trophy of certain titles. Depending on the game and the company, usually more or less difficult achieve this achievement. However, once achieved, the feeling of personal satisfaction and joy it is incomparable. In addition, that a user has many Platinum trophies means that they have played many video games and not just a couple of hours, but that they have dedicated them weather and dedication. Well, I present to you Hakam Karem, the player with the Guinness record for having the most Platinum trophies on a PlayStation Network account.

34 years and more than 1700 Platinum trophies on his PlayStation account… Unbelievable!

Hakam Karem is the proud 34-year-old Guinness record holder for the most Platinum trophies. This feat is reflected in the Guinness Book of Records under the number 1691. However, from the moment he was awarded the record until now, Karem has managed to complete another 33 more games. That means that as of today, this user has a total of 1724 platinum trophies, this being the true current record.

Karem started to become fond of completing Platinum trophies in the year 2008. Since those, he has been completing an average of 170 Platinums per year. Despite these incredible figures, Karem is getting some criticism by the methods you use. And it is that for a while and particularly this year, companies are launching titles in which the Platinum trophy is very easy and fast to achieve. Therefore, Karem In 2018 alone he has already achieved more than 320 Platinum trophies… A real outrage.

Other method very common for these “trophy hunters” is that of complete games available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Some of these titles do not differentiate their trophy list between platforms and you can get two or three Platinums for the “price” of one (playing only on one of the platforms).

Either with methods or without methods, Without a doubt is a real achievement to complete more than 1700 Platinum trophies… Surely more than one is now thinking «I wish I had the time to complete only the ».

What do you think of this record? How many trophies do you have in your account? We read you in the comments!