The helicopter action will start next week, with the Comanche returning

For now, we can throw ourselves into the multiplayer chaos with early access.

The classic helicopter fun Comanche returns in a whole new robe next week. The battle in the air will begin on March 12, when the game’s early access period to Steam will begin. Players can blow each other up in different modes with a piece of a large selection of helicopters.

The Comanche, by the way, expanded nicely after the developers listened to the community’s requests. A single-player mode has also begun to be developed, although Early Access, which will be released next week, will largely focus on team-based, multiplayer competition. In the first version, we will be able to test 2 multiplayer modes, 1 story mission, multiple levels, helicopters and drones.

We’re ready to take off! #Comanche will release on Steam via Early Access on March 12, 2020. Stay tuned: Discord, website, Steam

– THQ Nordic (@THQNordic) March 6, 2020

The developers are preparing for a roughly 6-month Early Access period, during which they will expand the supply of supported controllers and deliver plenty of helicopters and other content.