The Humble Indie Bundle 6 is way too modest

Putting together this sixth Humble Bundle was probably quite difficult, especially when you consider that it will be a sequel to the fifth bundle that managed to bring in millions. With over 160,000 units sold in a day, we think the creators have succeeded with this sixth collection of indie games for PC.

The format still remains unchanged. Anyone who pays a euro cent or more will receive five games from independent developers (and some more goodies). Anyone who pays more than the average gets an extra game on top. That average currently stands at $ 5.77. You could spend that on a large package of fries with a sauce of your choice and maybe some bitterballen if you know the manager well, but we think these games are more useful.

These games are:

  • Rochard: John Rochard, a miner on some debris wandering around the universe, has to squeeze through numerous levels. The buyer of this game gets a sci-fi platformer that can best be described as a mix between Shadow Complex and Quantum Conundrum. Two great games, and they make this game worthwhile too.
  • Shatter: Breakout but with a physics engine that ensures that even the smallest proton moves like it would in real life when a steel ball hits it at high speed. This fact hangs an extra tactical layer on the already great levels and boss fights that are supported by an equally mythical soundtrack.
  • SPAZ: Space Pirates and Zombies, a title that can only be created by a two-man indie team. In the game you take part in space battles with your self-modified ship that also rely on an excellent physics engine. The beautiful levels are randomly put together so you never have to play the same thing twice. And of course don’t forget those zombies.
  • Torchlight: the Diablo of indie games and one of the biggest and best-known games in its genre. The fact that the release of the second part is almost as much anticipated as that of Diablo 3 says enough. He eventually made it to the console title and probably filled another ten or so trophy cabinet. You can read the review of the game here.
  • Vessel: Arkwright invented the Fluros, a kind of intelligent fluid that made life easier for mankind. When that invention suddenly starts doing strange and naughty things, it is up to Arkwright to stop it. With a very realistic liquid simulator, this 2D puzzle game can definitely grab our attention. Manipulating the Fluros to reach the end of the level sometimes leads to ingenious puzzles that also earn this game its place in this bundle.
  • Soundtracks from all games in the bundle except Vessel.
  • For those who pay more than the average there is Dustforce: dusting has never been so much fun! With a couple of acrobatic cleaning men and women you will enter the eternal battle against dust and dirt. The levels sometimes seem to come straight from Super Meat Boy and dexterity is a requirement. Try to complete levels as fast as possible to earn a place at the top of the leaderboards and create your own dusty levels with the map editor.

You can buy the bundle here and you decide how you distribute money between the developers and some charities. This bundle is definitely worth your money and if you don’t think so, we will undoubtedly have another bundle ready for you in a few weeks!

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