The Humble Indie Bundle V gets even better

The Humble Indie Bundle V is already the best-selling Humble Indie Bundle ever with over $ 3 million in revenue. But the people behind it thought that the bundle of indie classics could get some top games extra and with that three great indie titles were added.

Anyone who pays more than the average (currently about $ 8) will get on top of the original games Limbo, Superbrothers, Psychonauts, Amnesia: Dark Descent and Bastion also again Super Meat Boy, Braid and Lone Survivor.

Braid is a puzzle game where you can mess with time to ultimately save your loved one. The puzzles vary from ‘quite doable’ to ‘quite tough’.

Another game that is also quite spicy is Super Meat Boy. In this game you have to guide a living meatball through a very wide range of levels. Attention: this game has already killed many controllers.

The third new game is Lone Survivor, a pixel art game where you can puzzle your way through by using collected items in the right place.

You can read the original article in which the other games are discussed here.

Eight classics and five soundtracks for less than $ 8? We don’t know why you are still doubting!

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