The Indiana Jones game will have no impact on the development of The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield

Several thought the new project would be a lot for Todd Howard by now, but Bethesda’s marketing chief reassured everyone.

Tod Howard is sure not to be bored for years to come, as not only will he be involved in the development of the two new Bethesda games promising to make the biggest bang, Starfileld and The Elder Scrolls VI, as a game director, but he will also be the lead producer of Amazon’s Fallout TV series. It was revealed yesterday that an Indiana Jones game will be produced by Bethesda under the supervision of the newly founded Lucasfilm Games and in the development of Machine Games, and Howard will also pave the way for this project as a lead producer.

Several have suggested that this is now really a classic case of “holding too much iron in the fire”, but Pete Hines, Bethesda’s head of marketing, has reassured everyone – or tried to reassure them.

Hines wrote on Twitter that the development of The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield will not be affected in any way by the now-announced Indiana Jones game. According to marketing chief Tod Howard, he helps as a producer on a number of projects, but that doesn’t change the fact that he focuses his energy primarily on Starfileld and The Elder Scrolls VI games, as he has to be much more actively involved as a game director.

For now, we have no idea what the development of the Indiana Jones game is about or when we can expect its release. Starfileld and The Elder Scrolls VI won’t be released tomorrow either, but at least you can guess which one we’ll get first: we can expect Starfileld to arrive in the first round, the sixth numbered The Elder Scrolls game will only come after.