The Indie Gala IV Bundle is live

The quality of games in Indie Bundles is not always an astonishingly high level. The just appeared Indie Gale IV Bundle proves this once again. Still, with this fun package you score a number of fun games for a price (you) to be determined by you.

The games in the bundle: Burning Retribution, ARES: Extinction Agenda, Altitude and Alien Shooter. If you pay more than the average (currently about 4 euros), you will receive Disciples II, Really Big Sky and Alien Shooter 2. An update will follow next week with the games Wake and Lunny Devitsy. Almost all games can be edited in Steam. All in all, not a bad deal.

The merits of the bundle as usual partly go to the developers and the initiators, but also to Child’s Play and Save the Children.

Check the Indie Gala Bundle site for more information.

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