The International 2019 for Dota 2 will start only in August, but The International Battle Pass, which grants access to exclusive content, features and rewards, is now available for purchase. The “standard” Battle Pass can be purchased for R $ 38.99, while higher level passes, that is, with more rewards, are also available at discounted prices.

This year’s pass includes the custom game mode Wrath of the Mo’rokai, a Jungle Expedition and unlockable customization towers called “Guardians of the Lost Path”, which will never be marketable or buyable on the market, being limited only to the purchase of Battle Pass.

New consumable items such as Trusty Shovel, Snake Balloon and Silly Monkey will help the player along the journey. In addition, a new Coach’s Challenge will test your ability to guide players with the lowest MMR in matches and the new Party Finder will help you find fun people to play Dota 2, without necessarily looking for friends on Steam. There is a new avatar banner, a High Five action, MVP voting, a new “Versus” screen and more.

Some new features make it possible to double the MMR rewards (or losses) once a week, recycling immortal items, bets, classified papers, tips in the game, trivia, predictions, the Daily Hero Challenge and a huge amount of rewards that increase accordingly. with battle pass levels.

In addition to the huge amount of news for Dota 2 players, the purpose of the pass is to increase the prize pool for The International: 25% of Battle Pass sales will go towards the total prize pool, which is already close to $ 2, 7 million. The International 2019 takes place from August 20 to 25.

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