As is often the case every year, Apple once again outpaces itself with the launch of its new iPhones. The screen is a key element in these types of devices, and Apple always includes the best. DisplayMate has published its analysis of the panel of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and they assure that it is “The best screen in a smartphone”.

IPhone 12 Pro screen

DisplayMate is a website specialized in analyzing different screens, and every year they analyze the panels of the main smartphones on the market. Now the iPhone 12 Pro Max has undergone its test, and the results are unbeatable.

According to their analysis, iPhone 12 Pro Max has a “next generation” display that improves or equals all 11 performance records that they value on the screens of smartphones.

These features include maximum brightness, high contrast ratio, low reflectance, and color accuracy. Additionally, DisplayMate said that iPhone 12 Pro Max screen also 10% more efficient than the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen.

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The iPhone 12 Pro screen is the best on the market

Keep in mind that this year Apple has included a practically identical screen in all its iPhones. The Super Retina XDR is available on all four iPhone models. That of The iPhone 12 Pro only differs in the level of brightness compared to the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 in hand

You can read the complete analysis of DisplayMate on the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen, it is a very detailed analysis and with a very technical vocabulary, and in it they explain why the iPhone 12 Pro screen is the best on the market.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has won the “Best Smartphone Screen Award” and the highest screen performance rating ever – A +.

There is no smartphone with a better screen on the market than the iPhone 12 Pro MaxAt least that’s what the real DisplayMate experts say. Apple continues to include the best of the best in its iPhones.