The legendary filmmaker feels he no longer has a place in the market. You could easily have no more movies.

Martin Scorsese has appeared in the news several times recently, thanks to his speeches against Marvel films and the success of The Irishman. The latter cinema did really well and was revived in us by a love of gangster movies. Regardless, Scorsese isn’t happy, and she may have finished the job with this work.

While brushing his future plans, of course, he couldn’t bear not to put one in the superhero genre yet:

“Obviously they know we’ve talked a lot about the fact that superhero movies have taken over the cinemas. You know, only people fly right and left, they’re okay if someone wants to watch this. The problem is that they don’t there really is room for a different kind of film.I don’t know how long I can last, maybe this was my last job.The plan was to bring at least this film together and then maybe it will be screened at the National Film Theater or the Cinémathèque in Paris.I’m not kidding. “

By the way, no matter how much he pushes the swan song right now, Scorsese has previously stated that he will embark on his next film next year, which would adapt David Grann’s volume of Choked Flowers. It was even at the time that Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio would join him. We will be wondering what will eventually become of this.

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