While the hypothesis that leaks and spoilers of which he was the victim derive from a hacker attack is becoming increasingly popular, The Last of Us: Part II continues to be discussed also and above all for reasons unrelated to the game in the strict sense. In the past few hours, a “complaint” against Sony has gained strength, which has taken hold but at the same time raises more than one question mark.

According to some youtubers and content creators, the Japanese company is attacking anyone who talks about The Last of Us: Part II leaks. It would not be about attacks on people who actually show the stolen material but of initiatives against channels and profiles who are simply discussing the issue even without going into particular specifics. In other words, Sony is accused of not allowing discussion of information now “public”.

One of the first reports of this type of practice comes from Jeremy Prime. To be echoed by even more well-known and followed names such as AngryJoe. Put simply, Sony would be abusing the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to target anyone who simply talks about leaks or spoilers even without showing actual copyrighted material.

It would be a sort of damage control to avoid any annoying reference to spoilers but obviously such actions can only make us discuss, resulting in allegations of abuse by the company. But there are still some fairly well-founded doubts about the veracity of these accusations.

INCOMING ANGRY RANT! Sony is now going after people simply DISCUSSING the leaks. UNACCEPTABLE!

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If you want to avoid any SPOILERS don’t watch the video posted by Angry Joe. There are clear references to leaks and key plot elements of The Last of Us: Part II.

There is indeed a lot of perplexity with respect to the rumors that are accusing Sony. It seems that the very origins of the accusations are debatable (openly right-wing if not far-right voices who do not appreciate the type of content of Naughty Dog) and on balance practically no accuser can actually indicate deleted videos and completely blocked content. The same AngryJoe who accuses Sony proposes a video absolutely online despite a discussion that does not simply mention the leaks but that even analyzes them rather in detail. The same ResetEra thread that discussed this in depth has been closed because there is nothing vaguely certain about any controversial allegations or actions. Not even a forum that often thrives on rumors seems to believe too much in these accusations.

In short, Sony is accused of abusing the copyright law to indiscriminately hit even those who should not be hit but just those who accuse the company has a video about it that has been online for more than a day and that has entered without too many problems in trend by finding the consent also of a large group of haters. Curious.

Source: ResetEra