The Last of Us: Part II allows you to unlock the safes even without the code

The Last of Us Part II is finally available and players are beginning to delve into the story: many of them, among other things, have discovered a method to unlock the safes scattered around the game world without having to search for the code.

In the game there are many safes that must be unlocked and usually the code can be found by inspecting each area and solving a puzzle. Some can be found in our constantly updated guide, but apparently there is another method that can be used. As in most movies where criminals put their ear near the safe to open it, this method can even be applied to play.

In fact, many players have realized that they can open these cassettes simply by listening to the typical “click” of the combination. “I couldn’t find the last 2 digits of the combination immediately, so I took the headphones and listened carefully. You can open the safes 100% just by listening to the sound of the combination,” said one user on Twitter.

You can also crack safes just by listening to the tumbler click into place. Pay attention to how the ticks for each correct number are different from the incorrect ones.

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A thread on Reddit explained that the indication given by the sound is very faint, but once you get the ear it is easy to reveal. Obviously to hear these “clicks” well you have to wear headphones, but the operation is feasible.

We remind you that The Last of Us Part II is available exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: VG247

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