The Last of Us Part II has been removed from PlayStation Store following the announcement of the postponement

Like a bolt from the blue Sony, yesterday, announced that The Last of Us Part II it would be postponed; later also Naughty Dog posted a statement of his own via Twitter, confirming the news that many hoped was some kind of late April fool.

Well, further confirmation unfortunately comes from the PlayStation Store; the page dedicated to the title of Naughty Dog has in fact been removed and if you visit the link, you are greeted by a “The page cannot be displayed”. Until a few hours ago, Amazon still marked the previously set release date, May 29, while now it has been updated to December 31. This is clearly a placeholder, as neither the development studio nor Sony have declared a new release date.

The postponement of The Last of Us Part II is caused by logistical problems; in this period, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many studios and companies have had to close their offices to allow employees to work from home in complete safety. This choice obviously led to a series of slowdowns in game development.

Although the title has been postponed, Naughty Dog to apologize has released a series of new images that will surely please fans.

Source: PlayStation Store