It seems that the aftermath of the serious leaks and spoilers that have hit The Last of Us: Part II certainly do not stop at the “only” risk of spoilers. The question apparently is much more delicate and especially on social media and on Reddit a part of the fanbase is talking about radical actions based on positions decidedly against the latest effort by Naughty Dog.

It really seems that the choices of Neil Druckmann and associates are causing very strong reactions in a part of the community. As reported by Multiplayer, in the last few hours there has been talk of cancellation of pre-orders, a priori boycott and even of, to say the least unlikely, requests for rewriting of the plot. We do not even talk about the invocations to the name of the former Naughty Dog, Amy Hennig because they are simply too stupid to be considered worthily since Hennig has nothing to do with The Last of Us (at most you could have invoked the name of Bruce Straley).

We will briefly talk about all these criticisms while avoiding any kind of spoilers.

Even on our portal the opinions against the plot and some choices of the game are not lacking but in some ways they are inevitable positions and on the other hand a video game can certainly not please everyone. However, the contempt that is mounting towards Druckmann above all goes beyond the norm in some cases. The “fault” of The Last of Us: Part II in some ways lies in the trailer below and actually even in the DLC of the first chapter, Left Behind.

The fault of The Last of Us: Part II, apparently, would be to express a too political message in favor of the LGBTQ community and a progressive mentality that in the entertainment world has increasingly taken hold, sometimes it must also be said in ways that are not always appreciable or successful. A position that is also linked to some rumors according to which the leaker is just a person who hates the issues covered by the game.

The question is quite simple. Nobody forces anyone to appreciate a work conceived by a group of creatives or their positions on certain issues. What is certain is that a judgment on this aspect alone leaves a little bitter taste in the mouth like the choice to criticize Ellie’s sexual orientation a priori.

The writer must admit that they would like to read criticisms of the way the story is told, its development, the construction of the characters and the lack of quality at the level of the script rather than purely ideological accusations against a team that has not made some choices. just because “it’s cool”. Maybe even so, who can say for sure, but at the same time he did it by laying an incredibly solid narrative foundation and sketching coherent, deep and unforgettable characters. Because Ellie doesn’t kiss Riley like that, because “that’s cool”.

Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that if Ellie had been heterosexual these discussions would not even exist. Can’t we go further and evaluate the quality of the writing, the gameplay and the emotions that a story can convey without looking at what’s between the legs of the protagonists?