The last widget of the Black Widow with more Hungarian inscriptions reveals more than any trailer so far

At last, it is also beginning to outline what the role of Taskmaster will be in the story.

So far, the antecedents of the Black Widow cinema, which arrives in April, have not been explicitly talkative, but now Marvel’s film has received the last-ever favorite video (TV commercials are sure to come), and the new video really helps put what we’ve seen in context.

The control of the Red Room, which trains the Black Widows, has thus fallen into the hands of the main evil, the Trainer, so the story is that Scarlett Johansson and her gang will face a pile of Marcona Widows in the film. Take a quick look at the fresh trailer, which, of course, as always, has been uploaded to the SamaGame Hungary YouTube channel with Hungarian subtitles.

The Black Widow It will arrive in Hungarian cinemas on April 30, 2020. Are you going to sit on it?