The main person in charge of Path of Exile criticizes the crunch in video games

It seems that the questionable labor crunch practices in video games and the problems derived from them, with unsustainable working hours, health problems and a total lack of conciliation, are beginning to be a topic of discussion in the industry after in recent months several cases have come to light. And there are those responsible for important studies who have begun to criticize it.

The co-founder of Grinding Gear Games and main person in charge of the RPG Path of Exile, Chris Wilson, has written an extensive post on reddit in which he talks about some of the topics that most concern the community about the development of Path of Exile, such as Synthesis league issues, and appeals to players’ patience with the release of new content

Although Wilson promises that the game will receive more updates in the future, he assures that the team is working on other projects and that users will have to wait a bit for those problems to be fixed.

“A big topic of discussion in the video game industry recently is development crunch,” Wilson wrote. “Some studios have their employees work 14 hours a day to fill each patch with all possible fixes and improvements. Sometimes when we read threads for our own patch notes and community feedback, I feel like we’re being asked that we do the same. “

“I will not run this company that way.”

Wilson explains that while optional overtime near big releases is somewhat “inevitable”, his studio culture during the development cycle has “a great work-life balance.”

“It takes our developers to be happy and healthy in the long run, but that means some improvements will take some time,” he adds.

More and more reports appear denouncing this type of abusive practices. Last month Polygon published a report detailing the crunch problems at Epic Games caused by the game’s enormous popularity and its constant update.