The main Pokémon title for 2021 will be a remake, according to a leak

The Pokémon game belonging to its main branch of titles for 2021 could become a remake. A popular leaker seems to have confirmed this. There is already a very popular candidate.

Pokémon is one of the sagas that everyone watches for the entry of a new year. There is always interest to see what Game Freak and Nintendo have prepared for the next course and the trend of this 2021 points to a highly anticipated remake.

It is not the first time that the launch of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remake for Nintendo Switch. The rumors continue after the statements of a leaker. The remake is the most widely considered possibility, although it is not specified which one.

Will the saga rest after Pokémon Sword and Shield? We remember that it has been more than a year since its launch. Therefore, Kelios, a leaker who made his fame by casting various forecasts on different Nintendo Directs and that has always been linked to the Pokémon franchise, has commented that the main game of the saga for 2021 will be a remake.

This same source comments that Game Freak will release four Pokémon games this year. Pokémon Unite, the free MOBA for mobiles and Nintendo Switch is one of them, as is the new Pokémon Snap, which has already amazed many veteran players and Detective Pikachu 2.

Therefore, if this is true, let’s not forget that it is far from official information, the other title would be a larger, important delivery, as the developer is used to launching. Chronologically, if a remake is made, the one that makes the most sense is Pearl and Diamond, since it would be next on the list after Sapphire and Ruby and Pokémon Let’s Go.

Would you like to return to the Sinnoh region? The fourth generation is one of the most loved by the community and many fans dream that this remake goes from being a rumor to a confirmation. It only remains to be entrusted to Arceus.