After more than a year as an experimental option, the 120Hz display in the Meta Quest 2 will soon be enabled by default in the headset.

Soon a more fluid display for the Meta Quest 2

After a start in early 2020 at 72 Hz, then a switch to 90 Hz, the Meta Quest 2 VR headset will soon operate at 120 Hz. Most hackers know that this is already more or less the case, since the option can be found in the settings, but soon this refresh rate will be the one applied by default. So the experimental phase is over for the more adventurous, Meta seems ready to offer the functionality to everyone.

In any case, this is what John Carmack, Consulting Technical Director for Oculus VR, declares on Twitter, without however specifying an exact date.

“120 FPS has been an ‘experimental feature’ on the Quest 2 for a long time, and we’re finally going to make it default. Any app that plays video at 60 FPS should consider displaying at 120 FPS. This avoids display flicker at 60 FPS, and makes imperfect release times less harsh. »

How to cash in on the price increase?

With this default activation, developers who already offer 120 Hz compatible games and applications will no longer have to tell their users how to activate it. Likewise, it could encourage others to offer more apps compatible with this more comfortable refresh rate.

On the other hand, Carmack himself specifies that the difference in visual comfort between 60 and 120 Hz is not as obvious as between 30 and 60 Hz. the recent price increase of the Meta Quest 2. The fact remains that the updates have been linked for two years for the helmet (we are at update 43), and that it is always more pleasant and practical to use .

Remember that the Valve Index, the main competitor of the Meta Quest 2, already offers a display at 120 Hz by default and an experimental mode at 144 Hz.

120fps to become default on Meta Quest 2 headsets

The Meta Quest 2 has supported a 120Hz refresh rate for a while now, but did so on an experimental basis, meaning you can use it, but chances are your device has some issues. problems with him. Luckily, it looks like the issues may have been fixed, as Meta’s VR team consulting CTO (and Id Software founder) John Carmack revealed on Twitter that this feature will soon become standard. .

“120 fps has been an ‘experimental feature’ on Quest 2 for a long time, and we’re finally going to make it enabled by default. Any app that plays 60fps video should consider a 120fps display – it avoids 60fps display flicker and makes the imperfect release tempo less harsh.

For those wondering if this improved level of performance will impact the Quest 2’s battery life, Carmack also added, “It’s only used when apps explicitly request it, and only a modest handful take advantage of it – most apps can’t run at these high rates. »

There hasn’t been an exact mention of when the 120Hz update will arrive yet.

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