The story of Paradise Lost begins with nothing less than a total destruction of Poland.

The Polish video game industry is developing and growing at an amazing pace, and its role is becoming increasingly dominant on our continent. While the CD Project has grown into a real big dog in the AAA segment, and Techland has something to be proud of, more and more studios are emerging, typically starting small but gradually gaining the routine and confidence they need to do something with it. even internationally, many are shaking their heads. Warsaw’s PolyAmorous is still just stumbling at the gates of opportunity, but can’t wait to unveil to the public his mystically richly interwoven post-apocalyptic adventure game.

A team of veterans trained at Ryse: Son of Rome and Killzone: Shadow Fall, the game played with the idea of ​​what a turn in history could have been if World War II hadn’t ended even twenty years later.

In the alternative past they envisioned, the Third Reich, albeit much later, found itself in a sufficiently distressed position to spare nuclear charges in some areas of occupied Poland and Vaterland without sparing its own citizens and soldiers. The result is total annihilation, an uninhabitable radioactive wasteland, the surviving Poles, yet they can expect nothing more from the solidarity side of the world with them than compassion and prayers.

In this not-so-rosy situation, a 12-year-old boy accidentally comes across a carefully hidden bunker. The lifting of the veil of mysticism surrounding the fate of the inhabitants of the underground complex serves as one of the mainstays of the narrative, in addition to the main tragedy of the protagonist, the horrors he experienced and the losses he suffered. The developers promise that the plot will branch out at several points as a result of our decisions.

Combining Slavic folklore with classical British literature (especially John Milton’s Lost Paradise) and Eastern European retrofuturistic design, Paradise Lost is expected to appear on PC later this year. The team is also planning with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions, but they are likely to be available later. How do you like everything you’ve shown so far?