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The new iPad Pro could have revealed key features of the iPhone 12

The new iPad Pro could have revealed key features of the iPhone 12

Recently, specifically yesterday, Apple presented to the world a new generation of the iPad Pro. We have been talking about this update a few months ago, and we expected that the company would present it at an event that was scheduled for the end of this month. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted Apple’s plans, and it seems that they have preferred to launch their new products through press releases a few days earlier than we thought.

The new iPad Pro brings with it some very interesting new features, leaving aside the new Magic Keyboard, which has undoubtedly taken much of the role. Specifically, Apple has decided to implement features such as a LiDAR scanner to scan our environment accurately for augmented reality applications; an ultra wide-angle camera similar to the one we have on the latest iPhones; and a new A12Z Bionic processor, among other novelties.

Thus, it seems that the new iPad Pro could give us some clues about what we will find in the next generation of the iPhone, which should arrive in the month of September if everything goes fine. For example, we could have a base storage of 128 GB for the first time, as in the new iPad Pro. Furthermore, it seems that the arrival of the LiDAR scanner will also be assured, a key component for Apple’s next steps in reality increased.

The next iPhones could also become the first to have a 120Hz ProMotion display, something that has been reserved for iPad Pro so far but has been rumored for new phones. This could involve the need for a more powerful GPU, which is where the advances made for the A12Z Bionic would come in, whose 8-core GPU could be perfect to manage a screen with ProMotion with ease.

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In any case, for now we can only speculate what could come to the new phones, and that is that we do not even know if Apple will be able to get them ready in time for September. For now, we will have to keep waiting for the next company events, the next being WWDC, which this year will be held exclusively online for the first time.