The new macOS Big Sur design compared to Catalina

The new version of macOS represents one of the most significant changes in recent years, macOS Big Sur is version 11 of the operating system which remains number 10 after many years. Apple has redesigned virtually every section of the macOS 11 interface, which looks more like iOS, but still retains its own essence.

Andrew Denty took the trouble to compare the two operating systems In virtually every detail he has created a gallery with dozens of images that we will take advantage of to tell you about the most important changes. But we recommend that you visit your website to see all of the screenshots macOS Big Sur faces with macOS Catalina.

macOS Big Sur vs. macOS Catalina

Many changes can be seen almost everywhere in the user interface of macOS 11, also known as Big Sur.

Main changes

Changes are appreciated just start macOS Big Sur, with a new desktop that changes everything from the taskbar to the dock, which is now more similar to iPadOS. Every little interface detail has changed in macOS 11.

The new icons also stand out. The icons in macOS Catalina had different shapes and now Apple has chosen to make them square, similar to iOS, but with its own design. The Launchpad is where this change is most appreciated.

In addition to this we also have a major change in the design of windows, as well as the general appearance of the applications. Apple has gone for flatter, lighter colors, removing the dark gray a bit more and rounding out the corner windows.

Menu bar and notification center

In addition to these changes, we also have more specific ones coming to macOS Big Sur, such as the menu bar, notification center and new control center. Starting with the menu bar, we have a more transparent design and a total renewal of the icons.

The Notification Center, where widgets are located in macOS, has also changed and these new widgets are identical to those found in iOS and iPadOS 14. This is a great idea because widgets created by developers can be ported to macOS Big Sur.

Finally, we have the Control Center, which is brand new in macOS Big Sur because it had never been present on Mac before. Although it is based on the iOS Control Center, Big Sur’s has its own identity with exclusive buttons on the desktop system.

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Of course there are many more changes in macOS Big SurThis is just a small example with the main design innovations included in the new version of macOS. A version that you can already install and test on your Mac if you want, even if it’s a developer beta, as long as you have a Mac compatible with macOS 11.

Source : Techradar