The service reserved for Apple-branded devices now hopes to finally offer its users an application that meets their expectations. A bet about to be successful since after successful launches in Canada and twelve other countries, the new version of Apple Maps is now arriving in France.

It offers users new map data that is much more detailed than that available on the old version. Particular emphasis has been placed on buildings of particular significance…

The new version is now available in 16 countries and territories worldwide

Between 2018 and 2022, updating the Apple Maps app has come a long way. After allowing the city of San Francisco and its famous bay to have a new cartography, the improved version of Apple’s service has managed to extend to several countries and territories.

The latest destinations that have been taken into account by the new version of Apple Maps are France, Monaco and New Zealand. An update that came after 39 days of public testing. The information was revealed on July 7, 2022 by Justin O’Beirne, a cartography enthusiast.

Now, we remember that the new mapping data from Apple is available in 16 countries and territories around the world. These are as follows: United States; UK ; Ireland; Canada; Spain; Portuguese; Italy ; San Marino ; Vatican City; Andorra; Australia; Germany ; Singapore; France ; Monaco; New Zealand

In the coming months, Apple plans to extend the new version of its application to 8 other countries and territories. These are Belgium, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

What are the advantages offered by the new version of Apple Maps?

In an interview given last week, Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Internet services and software at Apple, discussed the strengths of the new version of his application.

He indicated that the new infrastructure adopted for the maps available on the application is designed so that Apple can make corrections more quickly. This offers the new version of Apple Maps the possibility of updating and correcting data in real time.

Mr. Clue also indicated that the new version of Apple Maps will benefit from the information collected by trucks reserved for the proper functioning of the application. Each of the Apple Maps vans is equipped with a Mac Pro, an iPad, a GPS, high-resolution cameras, the LiDAR network as well as a set of hard drives. This should allow for a rich urban experience in detail and routes with better navigation.

Apple Maps: the major update we’ve been waiting for is finally here, but forget the bikes…

The new Maps have arrived! It is accompanied by its new base map, its more precise roads, its more detailed buildings, its functional innovations which sometimes smell good of augmented reality, and appreciable progress in the guidance on foot, by car or in transport. in common. On the other hand, forget the bike, it’s not for this time.

Why “finally”? Because in addition to the passage of time, the list of countries that benefit from it has grown over the years. It now has around ten countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and even Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. The good news is therefore that France and Monaco are joining this big family this Friday, July 8, 2022.

What is the new Plans?

After the new start in iOS 6 in 2012, and the many problems that we remember, sometimes funny and sometimes on the brink of tragedy, Apple had, with iOS 12, decided to overhaul its mapping and navigation software.

At the heart of this move upmarket, intended to catch up with Google, there was of course a more readable, more precise and more detailed base map, which required specially equipped vehicles but also pedestrians to travel millions of kilometers. The map has therefore improved outdoors, but also indoors, with the mapping of certain buildings, whether airports or shopping centers. It is thus possible to avoid getting lost in the maze of corridors of an unknown terminal or between stores to arrive directly at your objective.

Gradually, and especially with iOS 15, Apple has also introduced new functions.

We are thinking, among other things, of 3D experiences to better take the measure of buildings and spaces in certain cities, such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Monaco or even Carcassonne and La Rochelle. Without forgetting the Look Around function, which allows from the classic map, by pressing a button representing small binoculars, to see a monument in photo.

More detailed and natural navigation

But the most useful progress on a daily basis is the navigation system. French users now benefit from the highest accuracy of the basemap, especially for roads, which allows you to better guide you. So when changing lanes, on a sprawling freeway interchange, the view changes to give you a more detailed representation of which lanes exist in front of you and which one you need to take.

In addition, Apple indicates that it has worked to improve the instructions now given in natural language (or more natural, in any case). You will not just be told to turn right, but to “position yourself in the right lane after the traffic light so that you can take the first road on the right”, for example.

Among the information also added, speed limits. Plans, like most of its competitors, tells you what speed to respect on the section you are taking.

This heightened level of detail is also available when using public transport. Provided you have a connection to the mobile network to locate you precisely, Maps can thus warn you when you approach the station where you have to get off.

If you are more of a relentless pedestrian, the new Maps also offers to guide you in augmented reality in cities like Lyon, Marseille, Nice, and of course Paris. You then follow the steps one by one. To activate, simply point your iPhone’s camera at a building, Maps will then determine where you are, and show you on-screen superimposed on the real world where to go.

One is missing!

In short, Apple is strengthening the appeal of its service for users who travel by car, on foot, by public transport, and by bicycle… Ah, no. Surprisingly, the bike route calculation function is still not available in France (and Monaco). Routes optimized according to the slope, pollution zones, etc. are therefore still not on the agenda in France. That’s a shame. This is one of the reasons why many iOS users, including us, continue to use Google Maps or other applications, such as Geovelo, Komoot, etc.

Obviously, Apple has no date to communicate for the future availability of this function. We just know that the work is underway and, given the exponential development of cycle paths in France since the pandemic, listing and mapping them is no small task. In any case, the Plans team has learned from its past setbacks and ensures that it wants its work to be completed before being placed in the hands of everyone.

Apple Maps: finally updated maps for France!

Taking advantage of a complete overhaul, Apple Plans arrives in France today in a renovated version, with more readable, more precise and, above all, up-to-date maps. What finally compete with Google Maps and Waze.

That’s it, the new Apple Maps for iOS is available in France! The wait has been long since its announcement in 2018, but users on French territory will finally be able to benefit from new base maps, more precise routes – whether on foot, by public transport or by car -, beautiful representations of buildings and monuments, many new functions, and even augmented reality!

It must be said that Apple Plans, launched in 2012, received a rather mixed reception. And for good reason: the company had chosen to use maps provided by TomTom, which very quickly caused problems in terms of updates. It was not uncommon for users to encounter new, unmapped roads or road signs prohibiting them from passing. Therefore, many people turned to Google Maps or Waze, which enjoy very regular updates. In 2018, the firm decided to resume all its mapping from the beginning in order to have a more precise and more readable rendering. An update that was quickly available for territories in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany… but not in France. Fortunately, the cards for France and Monaco are finally available today, as announced by Apple in its press release.

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