The Nintendo Playstation goes up for auction and they have rejected a millionaire offer

Nintendo Y Sony They have not always been rivals and they have collaborated actively for some time. Nintendo was thinking make the leap to new formats such as CD and quickly started conversations with Sony. This project was known by the name of Play Station and was to be presented at the Consumer ElectronicsShow of 1991.

Finally the president of Nintendo at that time, Hiroshi Yamauchi, backed down at the last minute as Sony had too much control over CD sales. TO Sony It did not sit well with him and he decided to continue the project on his own path. As a curiosity, throughout these years prototypes have come to light that break our brains a bit when we clearly see a Super Nintendo controller with the name of Play Station.

Only one person who has a single prototype of this console is known to have decided to sell it in early 2020 with the Heritage Auction. So far they have rejected an offer of 1.2 million dollars from a person from Norway. The plan after paying taxes, dividing profits 50% with your child and paying debts.