Google Meet, the well-known free video conferencing app that Google launched after the obligation of teleworking in many companies, already allows some users to use noise cancellation in their calls with Android and iPhone devices, thus eliminating annoying background noises.

Apparently Google has started to release this feature with the latest update of the app, but at the moment it is limited to users of the platform’s business and education suite.

This feature is designed to eliminate any background noise from our meetingsWhether it’s the clicking of the computer, a murmur, or the sound of a bag of potatoes being opened. For this, Google takes advantage of the processing power of its Artificial Intelligence to identify the noises that can hinder the conversation and determine if they are a problem for the voice-over of the video call. In addition, it not only takes advantage of to remove the noises of others, since incidentally Take advantage to improve the clarity of the voice of the interlocutors, all processed from the cloud so as not to reduce the capacities of computers or phones during work.

When using Google Meet from its own website through a browser, noise cancellation will already be active by default, contrary to what we will find in the Android and iPhone apps, where it is deactivated until we activate it.

For the moment Google is rolling out the update with this technology little by little, so it may be that not all users already have it. This is not the first time that Google has used AI to improve the Google Meet experience. Currently, artificial intelligence already identifies our faces, whether we are over or under exposed, so that our image is optimal for the rest.

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Features like this are placing Google Meet at the forefront of communication apps, being a better option than FaceTime, WhatsApp or Messenger Rooms by offering an experience superior to the competition. How long will it take to see features like you are on FaceTime? For the moment, Although Apple strives to continually improve the experience, it has yet to reach this level of sophistication. Hopefully they will not delay in implementing improvements as it is given the processing capacity of the iPhone and iPad.

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