WhatsApp, Meta’s messaging service, is changing again. On Thursday, the company announced that groups would increase twice as much as before, from 256 to 512 people. The ability to share files up to 2GB in size will also be implemented, up from the current 100MB which mandates low-quality compression. In this regard, the company said that the files will be protected by end-to-end encryption, as well as inviting the use of the WiFi connection for sharing particularly large documents.

Two important features are coming, therefore, which will make WhatsApp more similar to one of its main competitors, Telegram. Ideally at least, not in terms of numbers: in the case of groups, up to 100,000 users can be accommodated within the Russian messaging application.

Among the novelties of WhatsApp already implemented, it is worth mentioning the reactions with emojis to individual messages. These had been presented in March 2022, but have only been launched in recent days with the latest released version of WhatsApp. The company says it will expand the range of reactions available in the future.

On the other hand, dates back to last April, the feature that allows people to combine separate groups into a larger group according to the structure that suits them best. This way you can organize smaller focus groups related to work, neighborhood, school, etc. User feedback regarding the community is positive so far, which is why the company expects new features to be incorporated.

WhatsApp announces three new updates that will please users

WhatsApp has just announced some changes for users of the famous platform.

If they will not completely disrupt their user experience, they will still bring some small welcome improvements. Remember that these changes are all based on the comments and feedback from the community to which WhatsApp is attentive to constantly improve its features.

Reaction Emojis

Among the small new features that are arriving, we can mention the reaction emojis which will now be available on the latest version of the application. These intervene in particular to avoid the overload of messages in the groups. Another, even wider range of reactions should also follow.

Sending larger files

Second big change, the ability to send files with a maximum size of 2 GB instead of 100 MB previously. This is to facilitate collaboration within small businesses and school groups. WhatsApp, however, recommends using Wi-Fi when sending large files and while uploading and downloading them.

More people in groups

Last big change, the ability to add more people to chats, going from 256 to 512. “The ability to add more people to a chat is one of the top requests we regularly get from users” , writes WhatsApp.

WhatsApp posts larger groups and emoji reactions; Admin grants right to delete any post

In a bid to make the messaging platform more user-friendly, Meta-owned WhatsApp announced that it is rolling out new features, including emoji reactions and larger files and groups.

The company said it is slowly rolling out the ability to add up to 512 people to a group, which so far only allows adding 256 people.

“We are excited to share the emoji reactions now available on the latest version of the app. Comments are fun, quick and also reduce group overload. We will continue to improve it by adding a wider range of expressions in the future,” the company said. said in a blog post.

“Plus, you can now send files in WhatsApp up to 2GB in size at a time, protected by end-to-end encryption. This is an increase from the previous limit of 100MB and we think it will be beneficial for collaboration between small businesses and school groups.

WhatsApp said it recommends WiFi for larger files and will show a counter while uploading or downloading to let users know how long the transfer took.

A recent report indicates that WhatsApp is likely working on the ability to show status updates directly in the chat list in a future app update.

This feature is under development, so it has not yet been rolled out to beta testers.

WhatsApp has just created a nice service to send pirated works to each other

On WhatsApp, each file sent can now weigh 2 GB. In addition, the group limit will increase to 512 people. Two developments that will certainly promote the exchange of pirated cultural works.

On May 5, WhatsApp announced the expanded capabilities of its file transfer tool. This was previously limited to 100 MB per shipment. Too tight a ceiling in 2022, at a time of inflation in the weight of documents: to send a larger file, you had to either cut it into several pieces, or opt for another method.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp shared plans to expand the maximum group size to 512 people. This functionality is not yet deployed: it is expected for 2022, without further details as to the exact date of its launch. But the combination of these two changes could sign a strong comeback of some form of piracy.

WhatsApp, a new channel for exchanging pirated files?

Admittedly, these are not the uses that WhatsApp envisages. In its message, the platform rather imagines that these developments will make school groups happy to exchange their supervised personal work and their presentations, while small businesses will finally have a simple and free way to circulate files.

It should be remembered that the transfers which are made through WhatsApp are made under the influence of end-to-end encryption – the platform also recalls this in its announcement post. Simply put, documents are encrypted before sending, so WhatsApp can’t see the file name (and it can be changed or ‘hidden’ anyway) or its contents.

This protection applies to messages, photos, videos, voicemails, documents, status updates and calls. WhatsApp can’t tell if your file is a pirated file if it’s a vacation video or something else entirely. If he knows, then it will be a sign that a preliminary verification of the file is carried out and that there is a concern for confidentiality.

So of course, netizens will rightly point out that a 2GB limit doesn’t transfer a pirated movie in 4K — all at once anyway. It’s just. The 2 GB ceiling remains a constraint for large files, whether for video games, films or documentaries. This is also true to a lesser extent for series episodes.

This is especially true for high and very high definition content. But it’s worth remembering that pirated works are also shared in reduced quality — there was a time when movies were compressed to 700MB to fit on a CD. On pirate sites, it is not difficult to find films and episodes whose weight is below 2 GB.

And then there’s everything else: music, apps, e-books, scans of manga, comics or comics, newspapers, and so on. Some of these files could already be exchanged with the previous limit of 100 MB. But their distribution will be multiplied with the upcoming arrival of groups authorizing up to 512 people.

Illegal downloading remains punishable by law, but the dissemination of cultural works in private groups will make hunting down pirates extremely difficult here. On the other hand, those who retrieve the files elsewhere on the Internet and then send them to WhatsApp are still at risk of falling into the cracks of the fight against piracy.

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