The official Among Us stuffed animals and T-shirts have completely sold out

Among Us is an absolute hit of recent weeks, which we have already written about many times. Recently, we have received another proof of the huge popularity of this network production from the InnerSloth studio. Well, all the licensed gadgets related to the game have already sold out in the official developer store. It had only happened a little over a month after they first appeared they are on the market.

So if you were going to buy a stuffed toy or Among Us T-shirts and you didn’t make it, you will have to wait a while. The new gadget will probably not appear until Christmas. However, there is also some good news. Well, InnerSloth studio has partnered with Dual Wield Studios, which is an intermediary between developers and independent people creating various products related to games. In addition, the team behind Among Us encourages artists to contact them individually if they would like to propose works for sale. Thanks to this move, we can expect a greater selection of collectibles with the license of the game in the future.

What if you managed to place orders before stock lasts? If you have only purchased stuffed animals, you should have them at home or you will receive them soon, as most of them have been shipped. The situation is worse with T-shirts. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, problems have arisen with the production of some of them. The InnerSloth team is currently working on resolving this issue. Missing T-shirts should be delivered between the end of October and mid-November.

The official t-shirts and stuffed animals from Among Us are popular with players.

If you want to be up to date with the offer of the gadget shop z Among Usthen you can subscribe to the newsletter at this page. However, if you are interested in the game itself, we would like to remind you that it is available on PC and mobile devices with Android and iOS. On phones and tablets, the title can be played for free, while on computers you have to pay for it. It costs PLN 17.99 on the Steam platform.

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