The Outer Worlds – Companions in detail: How to unlock Companions, how to use Companion commands, behaviors and more

Throughout your space travels in The Outer Worlds you will meet several companions who will join the crew of La Falible.

We can directly order the Companions what to do through the use of commands and changed their behavior options. They will also help you in and out of combat with abilities that will give you several unique effects.

From Parvati the engineer to SAM the cleaning robot, there are several companions to unlock in Halcyon systems. Each escort has their own story that you can experience through Escort Missions.

The Outer Worlds Companion List

Explanations of the Companion system in The Outer Worlds:

What are the Companions in The Outer Worlds?

The Outer Worlds Companions are NPCs (non-playable characters) who can join the crew of La Falible to aid you on your adventure.

You can have up to six people living in La Falible at the same time and two of the companions can join during missions.

Each companion has three talents that they are particularly good at, one special ability, and three perks to unlock. They also have their own stats, like Max Health or Weapon Damage, dependent on your current stats.

If you go to the missions with companions they will level up, improving their statistics and obtaining points to unlock advantages.

The companions will follow you while you explore.

Companions can also help you during combat, giving you covering fire in the toughest battles. You can change the weapons and armor of some of your companions to help them survive.

Finally, each companion has their own story in which you can get involved by completing their companion missions. These missions will help you learn more about your companions and allow you to gain experience.

One last question you may be asking yourself: are there options for romance with The Outer Worlds companions? The answer is no, not even as part of your escort missions.

How to unlock Parvati in the Outer Worlds

Parvati is the first companion to join your crew. You will meet her when you go to Reed Tobson’s office during the story mission “Stranger in a strange land”.

During your conversation with Reed, he will ask you to take Parvati with you. He will join your team if you agree and want to leave on your ship at the end of a later story mission.

If you decide not to take Parvati, you will find her at her home in Frontemar.

How to unlock Vicar Max in the Outer Worlds

Vicario Max is in the church of Frontemar. You can visit it at Parvati’s suggestion or just come in and talk to him.

During this conversation you can start your companion mission “The Illustrated Manual”. You will see that he is looking for a forbidden book at the home of a nearby collector.

Once you have completed this mission, Vicario Max will ask you to join your team. If you answer affirmatively, you will find Vicario Max in La Falible when you return.

How to unlock SAM in the Outer Worlds

You will meet SAM once you have access to La Falible, after completing “Stranger in a strange land”.

Go to the second floor of the ship, past the galley and the crew bedrooms. Before going down the stairs, look to your left. You will see SAM idle in a small hole.

Interacting with SAM will kick off your companion mission, “The Cleaning Machine.”

Complete this mission and SAM will automatically become a member of your crew.

Unlike other companions, you cannot change SAM’s armor or weapons. It is a robot, it has everything integrated.

How to unlock Felix in the Outer Worlds

You will meet Felix during the “Ticket Anywhere” story mission.

After talking to Udom Bedford in La Pionera and you stop having your ship confiscated, you will find Felix waiting for you alongside La Falible.

If you talk to Felix, he will ask you to join your crew and you can interview him. If you like his credentials, you can allow him to join your team.

How to unlock Ellie in the Outer Worlds

You will find Ellie at La Pionera Hospital, on the left side of the nave walk. It’s next to the Space Bargain store, if you’re having trouble finding it.

Go inside and talk to Ellie to start her recruiting mission.

Before attempting this mission, you should collect the Holographic Shroud from your cabin in La Falible. This mission includes entering a Restricted Zone where you will be shot instantly if you are not wearing the Shroud.

Once you have completed the mission, you can offer Ellie a spot in your crew.

How to unlock Nyoka in the Outer Worlds

Meeting Nyoka is an initial requirement of the quest that leads you to Monarch. You can find it at The Yacht Club, a bar that you will find in Bahía Estelar.

If you want Nyoka to join your crew you will have to complete a secondary mission consisting of getting her some invigorating pills.

With Nyoka your crew will be complete.

How to use companions in The Outer Worlds, including companion commands

Every time you leave La Falibre they will ask you which companions you want to take with you. You can choose up to two companions by selecting their name.

Make sure you bring the right companions before leaving the ship.

When you are on a mission with your companions, you can talk to them or let them chat with each other. They might interrupt you when you are talking to another NPC, giving you their opinion or some advice.

You will also receive bonuses that you have unlocked through Companion Perks while they are on your team.

The companions will help you especially in combat.

Every time you enter a fight, your companions will give you cover fire. The way to do it depends on the behavior you have assigned them in the companions menu.

You will also find commands that you can indicate to your companions to help you better in combat. You can find the icons, next to their button mapping, in the lower left corner of the screen.

The circular button with a character icon will send your companions to attack another NPC. To do this, point your cursor at the enemy you have marked and you will see how your companions do the hard work for you.

The up arrow will direct your companions to stay in a specific location. To do this, simply point the cursor to the place where you want them to stay and hit the command. Your companions will stay in this area.

When you want to be followed again, just hold the previous command button for a few seconds. Once you’re done, they will start following you again.

There are also one or two icons, depending on the people you take with you, that will instruct your companions to perform their special ability.

Companion sub-menus in detail, including changing behavior in combat

To access the companions sub-menu, you first have to open the main menu. After the “Map” option you will see the names of the companions who are with you.

Select one of these names to open the companions menu.

If you are in La Falible, you will have access to the accompanying menus of all members of the crew. Outside the ship you only have access to the menus of the companions who are accompanying you.

There are four different sub-menus for each character:

  • Weapons – allows you to view and change companion weapons
  • Armor – allows you to change your companion’s body armor and helmet
  • Benefits – allows you to unlock new benefits for your companions by spending points
  • Statistics – provides an overview of your companions’ statistics, including Behavior, status effects, Skills or Perks

You can change the combat behavior of companions on the statistics page of their sub-menu.

The Companion Statistics Menu in The Outer Worlds.

Here you can select three types of combat behavior that allow you to customize how they work in combat to suit your style.

There are three modifiers to combat behavior, and each one has three options to choose from.

Distance – how far from the player is the companion

  • Close – stays close to the player
  • Medium – stays at a certain distance
  • Away – follow the player from afar

Weapon – what kind of weapons does the character prefer

  • Melee – companion will mostly use melee weapons
  • Mixed – the companion will switch between melee and ranged weapons based on their distance to the enemy
  • Ranged – only attack with ranged weapons

Mode – monitor general behavior

  • Passive – only attacks if directed by the player
  • Defensive – once you order it to attack, it won’t stop until the fight is over
  • Aggressive – enters combat at the same time as the player and will continue until all enemies are dead

Once you are satisfied with the combat behavior of the companions, simply leave the menu and the options will be saved.

How to remove a companion from your crew in the Outer Worlds

There are three ways to get rid of a companion in The Outer Worlds.

The first way is to simply ask the companion to leave.

If you decide to throw one of them out, start a conversation at La Falible. One of the first options for dialogue is to ask them to leave. The escort will protest (in case you pressed the wrong button) but if you really want them to leave, continue the conversation.

Goodbye, Felix.

Once the companion has left, you will have an empty spot in La Falible.

The second way is to make a decision with which the companion strongly disagrees.

Each escort has their own moral rules, and some of them will take unethical decisions better than others. It is possible that one of your decisions forces them to abandon the ship.

Companions can also be alienated to a certain faction. If you have a very bad reputation with their faction they may decide to leave, if they even agree to join.

For this reason, it is a good idea to leave the characters on the ship that you think are going to have problems with a specific decision that you have planned. If you want to keep them in the crew, of course.

Parvati gets upset if you don’t help the people of Frontemar.

The final way to remove a companion from your team is only available if you’re playing Supernova, the highest difficulty level in The Outer Worlds.

If a companion runs out of health, they will be knocked out until you return to La Falible. In Supernova, however, if a companion loses all health they will die permanently.

Leadership and Companion Talent in The Outer Worlds

Leadership focuses on improving the stats of your companions, so you should invest some skill points here if you plan to rely on your companions.

Leadership is divided into two statistics:

  • Inspiration – increases the damage dealt by your companions
  • Aplomb – increases the maximum health of your companions

As with all other skills, you can invest points in both Inspiration and Aplomb until one of them reaches 50 points. From 50 points you can add points directly to the statistic in which you prefer to specialize.

There are also 5 basic skills to unlock from each stat that will further enhance your companions.