The PlayStation Network comes to Android, starting with the Xperia Play

Sony has always been trying to bring exclusive value to its terminals, especially to its mix between the gaming terminal and the Xperia Play mobile phone, as it already happened with the temporal exclusivity that it had with Minecradft Pocket Edition. Then the announcement of PlayStation Suite, a system that would allow us to play some games both on Android and on the different Sony consoles, they have also promised a lot, although nothing firm has yet been reached.

But all that can change with the new candy that Sony has brought to the UK. It is neither more nor less than the official PlayStation Network app, with which we can buy and download various games, including some of PSX, and we can play it on our Android terminal. But for this the terminal has to be on the list of models certified by Sony.

This is as a consequence of wanting to control the hardware and make sure that only the terminals scapaces to reproduce the games correctly can download them and thus avoid bad drinks to the player, so for the moment It is only officially for the Xperia Play and some tablets such as the Sony Tablet S, but we leave you with a link to download it unofficially.

However, do not expect to have a game if you have bought one before with a PS3 or PSP or one of Sony in the Market, since they do not work and you have to make the payment again in case you had done it before. We leave you with a video in which you can see the application in operation.

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