The Pole tests the SnowRunner stability by bringing the trailers to one place

SnowRunner works reliably with up to 260 trailers in one place.


  • A Pole named Janko Krytykant tests the SnowRunner’s stability by bringing a huge number of trailers to one place;
  • so far, there have been more than 260 trailers in the canyon where the experiment was located – the game continues to run smoothly.
  • A Polish player named Janko Krytykant decided to test the performance and stability of SnowRunner. It does this by bringing more trailers to a certain canyon. So far, over 260 of them have been placed in the landfill, which is more than half of the available pool. User documents his actions in Twitter posts.

    Interestingly, despite the large number of models, the game works without major problems, although the initiator of the experiment admits that with about 130 trailers the performance drops began to make the fun difficult. However, the internet user did not suspect that the test would take that long and was impressed with the SnowRunner’s stability.

    We would like to remind you that SnowRunner debuted on April 28 this year on PCs, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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