The Red Strings Club is the company’s new spanish game Deconstructeam, which proposes a cyberpunk narrative experience about destiny and happiness that presents a wide use of pottery, the art of the bartender and the phishing to end a corporate conspiracy.

The Red Strings Club – let’s fight evil corporations

The “altruistic corporation” Supercontinent Ltd is about to launch a system that will eliminate depression, anger and fear from society, come on, all our ills. This system will be called Social Psyche Welfare.

And since not everyone trusts this type of corporation, the bartender of a clandestine club, Donovan, and a freelance hacker, Brandeis, join with Akara, an android that when entering the bar where the other protagonists are, tells them about the evil plan drawn up by the corporation Supercontinent, so everyone comes together to fight and take down this evil mankind brainwashing plan.

The Red Strings Club bases its history on the oriental legend of the red thread. This legend tells that people destined to meet each other are connected by a red thread that remains unbreakable despite time and distance.

This game is a narrative adventure in which each character stars in a segment of the game. The development will put us in the situation of making crucial decisions, some will even keep us with a tension and uncertainty that will make us doubt what choice to make, since the fate of our characters will depend on what we have chosen.

Very charismatic characters and an adventure with a plot and a development that will not leave you indifferent. Not to be missed!

You can buy it here.

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