Today comes the second open beta of Monster Hunter World as we told you three days ago. The first arrived at the beginning of the month and it was a revolution for all those who had the opportunity to try it. From this afternoon at 18:00, PS4 users will have the opportunity to play the video game in one of its trial versions. It will be available until December 26 and it will not be necessary to be a member of Playstation plus to be able to download it.

Beta content

Hunters participating in the beta will be able to tackle the hungry Great Jagras, a scavenger capable of eating other monsters whole.

We will also have the opportunity to finish off the fierce and very territorial Anjanath, both go through the dense and complex ecosystem of the Primeval Forest. Finally, players who are brave enough will be able to enter the desert lands of «Chaos in the Wasteland«, Where you can find the Barroth, spying lurking in the muddy waters, waiting to cast his devastating frontal attack.

We leave you a video of the Preview we made last month after testing the game

Monster Hunter World Comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 26, 2018