The shocking viral video in which a cosplayer transforms into Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia

This cosplayer has revolutionized TikTok with her videos in which she transforms into the evil Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia.

The world of cosplay and anime / manga have gone hand in hand since … well, forever. The number of fans who transform into their favorite characters at sometimes unthinkable levels is impressive. With the arrival of social networks, the phenomenon of cosplay has become popular to unsuspected levels. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok have given wings to the most daring and creative cosplayers. And today it’s My Hero Academia’s turn.

Via Tik Tok, the cosplayer f.ukuro has gone viral with its transformations in Himiko Toga, the bloody villain of My hero academia who wears a schoolgirl uniform that may be confusing at first, but soon reveals her sadistic nature.

F.ukuro’s videos on TikTok have exceeded three million views, becoming a phenomenon.

The cosplayer is known for the precision of her creations, and certainly a platform like TikTok is an unbeatable setting to show them off.

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More of a full body view of Toga’s kit ?✨

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My Hero Academia takes place in a dystopian world in which humanity has developed superpowers, better known as gifts. These qualities are developed in the vast majority of human beings, although not in 100% of the species, but it has also led to the appearance of both superheroes and supervillains who use their gifts for all kinds of purposes, both good and bad. In the middle of all this world appears Izuku Midoriya, a gifted young man who receives an unexpected gift from his childhood hero: All Might.

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She’s back – with a special prop too ?✨

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