The SIMS 4 becomes free according to Electronic Arts

This is great news for fans of The Sims game. In fact, released September 2, 2014, the SIMS 4 is the latest installment of its kind, although it comes with no less than 12 expansion packs and a minimum of 150 expansions. Currently, with all DLCs and packs, the game costs €984.43. By itself, the SIMS 4 is far from free either since it still cost 39 euros, a short time ago.

Today displayed at 19 € alone, the SIMS 4 will however indeed become free for all. And no, this is not a temporary promotion! Indeed, Electronic Arts (EA) has announced that October 18The Sims 4 video game will become available for free on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Mac.

For those who already have the game, a small gift is offered to you

Do not panic, those who have already purchased the game do not have to be jealous. Indeed, EA offers a small gift for the lucky owners of the SIMS 4 game who will therefore not be able to take advantage of the fact that it is free.

You’ve owned the game for a long time and you even had time to install lots of mods to customize your houses and sims? Therefore, for those who already have the game, know that the “Luxury in the Desert” kit is given to you as a gift. This gift is valid from September 14 to October 17, 2022. So hurry to claim your freebie from EA.

The SIMS 4 free before the SIMS 5 arrives

The SIMS 4 becomes free, but at the same time it does 8 years since the game was released. Does this announce good news? We already know that the new opus of the SIMS, the SIMS 5 is in preparation. We’ve even had a lot of teasers already. Even if new extensions for the SIMS 4 free are also planned shortly, it does not prevent the SIMS 5 shouldn’t be long.

From what we know, The SIMS 4 is going free and The SIMS 5 is on the way. The game is planned for consoles and PC, for a out at the same time on these platforms. So, as you can imagine, the developers are working on ALL versions of SIMS 5 and, inevitably, it takes time.

According to what the CEO of Electronic Arts announced, it could even be that the SIMS 5 is cross-platform. A great novelty for the license which explains, among other things, the waiting time for its official launch.

With the SIMS 4 in free-to-play, EA has scheduled a stream for the event. We may also have more information on the new opus of the wise SIMS during the planned stream. It even seems that big announcements will be made. Maybe we will FINALLY have a release date for The SIMS 5. stream “Behind The Sims Summit” will take place October 18 at 7 p.m., Paris time. The stream will be viewable “on The Sims channels YouTube and Twitchalso available on demand,” as EA reported.

The Sims 5: the continuation of the famous series should be unveiled this year

The Sims 5: an announcement could occur in October 2022

What is it about ? “The Sims” is one of those series of video games that have always been part of the crown jewels of the publisher Electronic Arts. But between releases of the main parts, there are always a few years that the game is kept fresh with minor updates and expansions. Industry insider Jeff Grubb has learned from some sources that not only is a Sims 5 already in development, but the game will be unveiled soon.

Regarding the announcement of the next installment of the famous series, Jeff Grub seems quite sure of himself. In the YouTube video from the gaming channel “Giant Bomb”, however, he points out that the game is probably not yet developed and that fans should not have high hopes for an upcoming release just yet.

The Sims 5 is coming. Announcement is imminent and I heard it’s probably next month. This all coincides with what they said say. Expect to hear about The Sims 5 soon, but don’t expect to be able to play it anytime soon, the game is apparently still a long way off.

Following up on his statement, Grubb also clarified why a new Sims game always takes a long time to develop and it’s still going to be a while before you can play The Sims 5: “The thing about The Sims is is that these numbered sequel jumps are always a tough time for developers, because they go back to basics from all the content in the universe and then rebuild over time.”

The Sims 5: the announcement could come in October 2022

Is the leak realistic? Considering the fact that The Sims 4 was released in 2014 and has already received many expansions, it is not unrealistic to think that there will be news of a full sequel soon. After all, The Sims games have enjoyed unspoiled popularity for years, which is why Electronic Arts has regularly come up with new paid expansions for the series.

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